About Me

Hi I’m Erich!

I love animals of all kinds, being a plant parent, traveling, connecting with people, and sharing stories. And of course I love photography, especially wedding photography! I’ve been fortunate to have been in the wedding industry since 2005 (yup, I’ve been around for a while) and I still am passion about what I do! I’ve met hundreds of couples and shot hundreds of weddings, and still with each couple I do my best in creating visual stories that are unique to each couple.

I do that because I consider myself to be a ” creative lifestyle” photographer.┬áThat means if you love In-n-out like I do, I want that to be part of your story, I want to photograph you and your partner at In-n-Out! If you love being at home with your partner, let’s photograph you being at home with your partner enjoying each others company (whether that means eating ice cream on the couch together or cooking together)!

During the wedding day I photograph photo-journalistically. That means I’m looking out for those precious moments during the first dance, first look, toasts, vows etc. I’ll also be there to guide you through the whole process of posing in the most natural and relaxed way possible.

Please reach out and say hello! When we talk I’m going to ask you about your wedding, what your interests are, and maybe even what your favorite food is!


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