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This is another engagement that I photographed in NYC. This lovely young couple is Serena and Mark and arguably one of the most fashionable  couples I have photographed in my career. I have to give it up to Mark for his strikingly sharp jacket, I love it.  Mark and I had a considerably long conversation about fashion which is not something I’m used to having with guys. But it was actually really fun and interesting. But before that conversation we had a very exciting conversation about camera gear and camera backpacks. He showed me his Canon 7D with this cool eye attachment that he uses to shoot video. Mark shoots for MTV, by the way, which is pretty incredible. Then I busted out my favorite camera backpack of all time, the Lowepro Flipside 300, to show him, and he was impressed, I think.

After the shoot we all went to Central Park to go ice-skating. It was a lot of fun despite having to pay a whole lot of money for for rentals and lockers. :(. There are photos from their shoot. At the request of Serena, this was shot in a fashionable way.

img 2894s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 2904s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 2917s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 2997s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3019s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3040s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3069s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3079s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3104s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3137s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3147s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3158s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

img 3224s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

The shot below is kinda cliche with a blurry moving train in the back, but I’ve always wanted to do it.  So yay!

img 3243s Meet Serena and Mark (Engagement)

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So these are photos from my very recent trip to NYC. I had the opportunity to have two engagement photo sessions here in the freakin awesome city of NYC! Those posts will be next!

img 2460s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2466s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2527s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2734s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2745s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2759s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2769s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2771s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2782s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2863s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2857s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2872s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2881s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 2938s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 3263s New York Photos! (Travel)

img 3271s New York Photos! (Travel)

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