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First off, last night we had our workshop and by ‘our’ I mean a collaboration between me and Tikko Studios.  Just like the flier said, it was the second workshop out of three that we’re having and I would say that the second went as smoothly as the first if not smoother.  Our attendance jumped up a lot as well, close to two-fold, with about an approximately 40 people there.  I will post photos as soon as I get them or when other people start posting them on facebook. 

Recently I’ve been working on a few design projects, one of which is for a high school in LA.  One of the fliers I designed is for a talent show that they’re having and the other is for the afterschool program they arehaving there. I’d like to thank Adriana for these opportunities to design for them!

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April 14, 2009 Triathlon Training

Today officially marks the fourth day of my triathlon training.  It’s official because I started swim training last Friday and that’s the one part that I so dearly dread.  I suppose that it’s a good thing swimming is the first leg in a triathlon, I don’t think it would be a good idea for a bad swimmer such as myself to have to swim after a bike race and a run.  That’s the thing about a triathlon, I can slow down or stop while biking or running, but if I stop while swimming I will die.  Too bad there are not any lane lines or walls for me to hang on to in the ocean.

My triathlon is in June so I think I should be okay if I keep up with my swimming, since I’ve been keeping up with my running and biking.  I am very excited!

some good food and some good music.

I believe those are two things that can make anyone’s day better.

So let me tell you the main difference between Chinese/Asian food to American food.

The names of Chinese food sounds terrible, but the taste is amazing. For example “stinky tofu” or “pigs feet.” Sounds weird right? But man those taste amazing.
Conversely, American food sounds amazing, but taste…not that amazing.  For example “Sauerkraut-Stuffed Slow-Cooked Pork Roast.” Yeah it sounds good, but sometimes they just don’t taste that great.  And plus most of American food isn’t healthy.

Let me break down Chinese food for you a little more. You can tell how authentic a Chinese restaurant is by looking who’s serving the food.  If there are Chinese people serving food, then you’re good.  If white people are serving Chinese food, (i.e P.F Changs) yeah that’s not so great. The second, and very successful method goes like this…
Look at what letter they received for their Grade.
C = Chinese for sure. You’re at the right place. It’s authentic. Real Chinese food tastes good and dirty.
A=Americanized Chinese food. Chances are you’re at a Panda Express or the upscale Panda Express called P.F. Changs.  Lots of orange chicken, and nothing real.
B = inBetween, or Both, the happy medium.   You’ve got good food and you know you’re not going to have any stomach problems.

Yup, that’s my third entry today, and probably my last for today. I’m just so excited about blogging!

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