…because Rivka and Ben are ‘in da house!”

This is my first entirely Jewish wedding and not only was it my first Jewish wedding, it was my first wedding with the entire wedding in their house, hence ‘in da house!”

rivkaben 40s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)rivkaben 73s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

Tell me this isn’t the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?

rivkaben 110s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

“oh mister, are these your backpack straps?”

This is what this baby looked like when I saw him playing with my camera bag.

rivkaben 157s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

I call this one the point of no return. Ha, just kidding.

rivkaben 229s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

rivkaben 251s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

It’s supposed to be overflowing. I think it’s supposed to symbolize overflowing joy or goodness.

rivkaben 292s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

Putting on the ring.

rivkaben 309s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

More scripture? I’m not quite sure what the terminology of the Jewish wedding are.

rivkaben 321s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

The unveiling!

rivkaben 376s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)


rivkaben 394s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)


rivkaben 466s Meet Rivka and Ben (Wedding)

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    Amazing photographs !!

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