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December 12, 2009 Life on the wild side.

…or in other words, wildlife.

I mentioned earlier in a previous post that Dr. Stephen Chen, my dentist is a photographer too. He likes to shoot wildlife, so we’ll go shoot wildlife together, these are some photos from a recent trip.

img 1342s Life on the wild side.

Stephen said this egret (below) looked like it was doing tai chi. ha! he’s a funny man.

img 1420s Life on the wild side.

This guy thought he could camouflage himself in the trees to hide from me. This little bird sucks at camouflage.

img 1435s Life on the wild side.

This bird below is what I believe a North American Mallard. The same kind of ducks you used to shoot in Nintendo’s Duck Hunt.

img 1542s Life on the wild side.

I have  almost an exact replica of this in a painting form that I painted when I was younger.

img 1576s Life on the wild side.

This is the big bad wolf. Or maybe it’s a coyote, and it’s not that big. He looks pretty haggard, I have some friends that look like this on the weekends.

img 1509s Life on the wild side.

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November 30, 2009 Catch of the day!

My dentist is a photographer and he likes to shoot wildlife.

So sometimes we’ll go out and shoot wildlife together. This is my favorite shot of our photo expedition.

img 9690s Catch of the day!

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