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Briana and Devon had their wedding at the beautiful, quaint, and cozy Shakespeare club located in Pasadena, and I was going to try to speak “Shakespearean” to describe the photos that I put up, but I can’t because, to be frank, I suck with that kind of stuff. English was never my forte.  That’s why I’m a photographer icon smile Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding) So instead I’m going to throw in a few Shakespeare quotes here and there.

“Love from one side hurts, but love from two sides heals.”
William Shakespeare

img 9393names Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

img 8712s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

I like the shooting the preparation stuff because it’s a lot more relaxing, and I get to talk a little bit with the bride before craziness starts at the wedding.

img 8792s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

img 8847s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

I almost never use this type of ‘selective coloring’ style of post-processing because I think it’s overused and cliche, but for this photo I really think selective coloring suited it the best. What do you think?

img 8935s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)


img 9593s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

So you’ve heard of people crashing weddings, but have you ever heard of a bride and her bridesmaids crashing another party? Ha! This awesome bride (Briana) went straight across the street where there was a kids birthday party and had a mini pre-party with the folks and kids there. Soooo cool icon smile Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

img 9670s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

Priceless. For everything else there’s Mastercard.

img 8888s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

On the left you have a Rabbi, on the right you have a Catholic Priest. I think this photo would be great for a fill the in the caption contest.

img 8791s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

Hm I’d like you to meet Father O’Brian. He’s one of those people that have an amazing ability to draw you in with his gentle, intriguing, magnetic, and calm personality.  I talked to him for less than a minute and I could sense what a great person he was.  He asked me to photograph him and his dog in the near future which I really look forward to.

img 9763s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

img 9886s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

img 9799s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

My bounty is as deep as the sea,
My love as deep; the more I give to thee,
The more I have, for both are infinite.

– William Shakespeare

img 0262s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.

– William Shakespeare

img 0274s Meet Briana and Devon (Wedding)

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This is a little teaser of their beautiful wedding.  The sweet bride has an idiosyncrasy of making very detailed lists which has been an on-going joke with our relationship.  She has a list of and for everything.  So I’m going to make a list of what I love about her, the groom, and their wedding.

1. Thao has an amazing ability not to blow her cool, even when no chairs were present at 4:40pm when her wedding was at 5pm.

2. Austin’s complacency with everything, and willingness to do anything makes him the ideal groom to work with.

3. I got to ride around in a golf cart driven by an accident-prone lady who would laugh when she knocked things over at the Arboretum.

4. Thao’s mother smiles all the time, and her smile is very contagious. It’s adorable.

img 3469names Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3814s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3422s1 Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3559s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3628s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3718s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3767s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3793s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

img 3958s Meet Thao and Austin (Wedding)

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