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It took a couple weeks to get my images back because I had to send these in.  But here are a few more of my favorite images from the very teen-filled Wango Tango.

Crazy little teenagers going crazy over a few dollars.  I admit though if I wasn’t working I would’ve swiped a few of those dollars.
img 2957s Wango Tango Part 3

Ribbon twirler on stilts at entrance

img 3031s Wango Tango Part 3

Quest Crew (America’s Best Dance Crew 3 winners) after their performance.

img 3135s Wango Tango Part 3 

The lovely Beach Girls 5

img 3404s Wango Tango Part 3

This is how excited people get over the possibility of getting some t-shirts.

img 3829s Wango Tango Part 3

They’ called Frequency 5. I think it’s because there’s five of them.

img 3925s Wango Tango Part 3

I wonder what kind of conditioner this guy uses because his hair looks amazing.

img 3942s Wango Tango Part 3

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A few more photos.

That’s Keanu Reeves in the back
img 5254s Wango Tango Part 2

img 5212s Wango Tango Part 2img 5287s Wango Tango Part 2

Mr. Foxx

img 5492s Wango Tango Part 2 


img 5532s Wango Tango Part 2

Kelly Clarkson

img 5578s Wango Tango Part 2

img 5627s Wango Tango Part 2

img 5726s Wango Tango Part 2

img 5735s Wango Tango Part 2

More are coming.

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It is late, and there is no way I’m going to go through all 3000 images, so I have a solution. Teasers.
Oh by the way that is anew  record for most shots taken at a single event. My last record was at VIBE XIV 09 with 2200 shots.

Starting off the teasers is event opener soulja boy. Don’t pretend like you don’t know this dance.
img 4185s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

In case you didn’t recognize his dance, he’s got some fat bling to remind you of who he is.

img 4283s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

Okay so I like All American Rejects okay? Sue me.

img 4411s1 Wango Tango 2009 Part I

I really loved them in high school. Shoot me.

img 4576s1 Wango Tango 2009 Part I

I choose you!

img 4758s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

Little did those poor (or lucky) little girls know they he was just about to jump into them.

img 4885s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

Let’s see if you can find the black guy in this photo.

img 4955s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

Can you figure out who this is?

img 5164s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

You guys all remember Shawn Johnson right?

img 4609s1 Wango Tango 2009 Part I

Jojo on the radio in the air, and not on the air.

img 5051s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

This girl is prettier than most of the girls I know, and stronger than most of the guys I know.

img 4338s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

Here she is again.  I’m starting to really like curtain performers.

img 4992s Wango Tango 2009 Part I

img 5452s1 Wango Tango 2009 Part I

More coming soon!

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