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I love this couple. I love!  I don’t even know where to begin with all my excitement.  Allison and Hok are authentic New Yorkers, and they’re some of the nicest people I’ve met. They are awesome. In fact, they are more awesome than awesome itself.

Let me tell you a little about the couple. Allison’s a Brooklyn girl, and she loves food, traveling, and everything wedding. Everything. That’s how she found me actually, she found me through my blog. The more I got to know her the more I realized she’s a lot like me. Both of us can’t seem to lie, and we both wear our feelings on our sleeves, meaning if we’re unhappy we’ll show it unintentionally, and there’s nothing we can do about it. She’s also very sociable, very cool, and very hip.

Hok likes seafood And I like seafood. Anyone who likes seafood is cool, period. And I think he said he’s going to have seafood at their wedding. I look forward to eating it, and I think Hok’s gonna make sure it’s gonna be some damn good seafood. icon smile Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

These are their engagement photos!

img 2581s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2593s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2596s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2604s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2615s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2618s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2643s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2654s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2673s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2685s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2690s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2704s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2708s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

img 2709s Meet Allison and Hok. Theyre from NYC :) (Engagement)

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November 5, 2009 Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

This is a continuation of my shoot-a-friend-a-week project.

This is Steve Nguyen. I photographed him back in 2007 and both of us has come along way now. I have become a full-time photographer since then, and  he has grown an impressive full-on beard.. He’s also the manager of an electrical engineering company, the owner of his own internet media company called Stickblade Inc, and also one of the producers for a small movie production company based out of UCR called FPS productions.  I’d like to note that this small movie production has exceeded my, and I think I can safely say that of many other people’s expectations. In their ‘low budget’ films they have helicopters, police cars, assault rifles, swat teams, etc etc. Yeah it’s pretty legit. In case you haven’t figured out what type of movies they film, they film my favorite genre; action. Check them out.

http://www.fps-productions.com/ and http://www.stickbladeinc.com

So I started shooting Steve, and he said I want something urban. “Oh…” I replied. I put my 85mm ‘pretty’ lens away, and replaced it with my 50mm. And this is what I came up with.

img 8816s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8819s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8833s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8846s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8914s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8953s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8979s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

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I am proud to say that I have almost dominated the ‘new arrivals’ section of papayaclothing.com with my work. Total and complete domination are at my fingertips! muahaha! (evil laughter)

New arrivals Page Top half.

picture 3 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

New arrivals Page Bottom half.  There’s still two photos of mannequins that haven’t been replaced yet. boo.

picture 4 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

Okay so if I was girl, I would dig this. It’s chic, semi-form fitting, sexy and it has cool textured designs (you have to look closely.)  Good for a night out on the town.

picture 5 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

And this. I call it the ‘jellyfish brain sac beanie’ or if someone has long hair ‘the octopus’. I think it’s just because I’m lazy with my hair, if I was girl I’d probably lazy with my hair too so I’d just wear this all the time and it would hide everything. Plus it looks really cool and comfortable.

picture 6 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

This also. Anything backless, or close to backless is uber sexy. I don’t care what anybody says.  Plus this seems like i would be comfortable on a hot summer night, I’m not sure this would best worn during the day, I’d hate to have a shirt tan that looked like shark gills running from top to bottom on my back.

picture 21 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

This is the front of the shirt. See how it’s kinda cool artsy, urban look to it? I can also see people wearing it at hip hop dance competitions, where I see a lot of loosely fitted, airy, and slightly provocative clothing. I love hip hop dance competitions.

picture 7 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

Ever since I’ve watched the recently debuted movie “I love you man” with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel I started to like cardigans. It’s a button up sweater, man that’s kind of cool. What I like about it is it has two kinds of cool to it, an urban casual look and also “I go to any ivy league school” smart look.

picture 8 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

This scarf is gnarly. I like it because it’s down to earth. It doesn’t shout ‘look at me!” it says “this is comfortable, and looks good.” Plus it’s got three segments, the middle is ribbed and folded for extra comfort (maybe?) and the adjacent ends are wide and simple, and the endings are feathered with little string things. I dig it.

picture 9 Papayas Galore! (Fashion)

Erich Chen Photography. Los Angeles Commercial and Fashion Photographer. Orange County Commercial and Fashion Photographer. Creative Commercial and Fashion Photographer. If you are interested in booking me for a fashion shoot please contact me through my website www.erichchen.com

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