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Hi readership, intern Emilie here. Just helping out with the blog.

Firstly, thanks Erich, for picking me as your new intern! : )

id jump beach Intern Emilie is invading this space.

Secondly, he asked me to blog a little about myself.  Well, I am sort of an art-loving, music-craving, Yoga-doing, vegetarian environmentalist wanna-be.  When I’m at UCI, I host a weekly radio show on which I spin obscure goth rock and punk tracks.  Maybe I sound like an artsy-fartsy cliché, but everything I do and believe, I am really passionate about!

I most enjoy wildlife and animal photography, but occasionally I will take pictures of people.

So to wrap up, I’ll be helping Erich out around and behind the scenes. He’s already taught me a lot of what I know about cameras and Photoshop, so I’m excited for more insight from a new perspective.

And even though this is a blog and not radio, I’m gonna say: stay tuned for more exciting news from Erich!

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