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Although you’ve probably seen my winning photo below, I just got the magazine version of this from American Photo, and of course I am very very excited!!!

So the package comes in this large white mailing folder with some light contents in it. When I held it, I kinda had an idea of what was inside, but I wasn’t sure. For a few moments I was brought back to days where I would wait around for acceptance/rejection letters from college that came in in very freakishly similar folder/envelopes.

Anyways, I know the news isn’t new, but it’s super nice holding a published magazine around with my name on it and a photo that I took in it.

americanphoto004 American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

The photo below is the cover of the magazine that I won, I didn’t photograph the cover of the magazine, I’m just showing you in case you run across a Barnes and Noble or Borders and see this magazine and decide to peruse it…because..oh..I don’t know..maybe you’ll want to see my winning photo!! AH!!! just kidding. maybe not.

americanphoto001 American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

The weird looking line on the right side of the photo below is where the spread splits. I also had to stitch the photos together because the magazine is bigger than my scanner. American Photo Magazine gave me a very beautiful page and a half for my photo, and a nice little blurb at the bottom icon smile American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

americanphoto002 American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

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