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Recently, I have had the opportunity to shoot for Papaya Clothing (papayaclothing.com) , a nationally and internationally known brand that sells affordable yet chic clothing. Think Forever 21.

The images below are the ones I’ve shot for them that are already on their website, and the ones that they’ve edited so that I don’t have to edit them myself! Yay! There are only a few that I shot that are there website, but they’re still in the process of putting more up (I hope) And I’ll continue updating when those go up. If you want to see them on their website it’s the stuff under New Arrival.

The models and clothing are pretty easy to shoot, it can be very tedious sometimes. But it helps that there’s a a very talented wardrobe stylist and make up artist all working together.

I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty tired right now, but it’s also a very exciting opportunity so the feeling I feel is probably similar to drinking a Redbull-vodka. It’s a tiring/excited feeling, and it’s weird, and I don’t like it. That’s it for me tonight. Good night world!

picture 2 I love papayas, papayas are sweet. (Fashion)

papaya1 I love papayas, papayas are sweet. (Fashion)

papaya2 I love papayas, papayas are sweet. (Fashion)

papay3 I love papayas, papayas are sweet. (Fashion)

papaya4 I love papayas, papayas are sweet. (Fashion)

Erich Chen Photography. Los Angeles Commercial and Fashion Photographer. Orange County Commercial and Fashion Photographer. Creative Commercial and Fashion Photographer. If you are interested in booking me for a fashion shoot please contact me through my website www.erichchen.com

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I promised I’d put up a few photos this weekend, so here are a few of them.  These photos are from the swimsuit workshop Tikko Studios and I led a couple of weeks ago.   And also I apologize for the lack of updates lately.  When the weather is hot I try to stay away from the computer as much as possible.

So this is Jenilee, she’s a wonderful model to work with (as always)  and was very capable of  being able to model for many people at the same time.  And she didn’t mind rolling around in the sand for a good shot which I am certain that many people appreciated. So thank you Jenilee!

img 3303s Meet Jenilee (Fashion)

img 3321s Meet Jenilee (Fashion)

img 3362s Meet Jenilee (Fashion)

img 3395s Meet Jenilee (Fashion)

img 3453s Meet Jenilee (Fashion)

Erich Chen Photography. Huntington Beach Fashion and Portrait Photographer. Orange County Fashion and Portrait Photographer.  If you are interested in your own fashion or portrait session please contact me through my website www.erichchen.com.

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With help from the talented Aveda hair stylists/make up artists.

Got film?
img 2022s My new favorite portraits. 
 I used to have hair like this.

img 1943s1 My new favorite portraits.

Hair that goes sideways.

img 1973s My new favorite portraits.


Today marks the 5th day I’ve been shooting in a row all day everyday.  I am very very tired. No, I am exhausted, spent, done, drained, pooped.  Recently I have spent more time with my camera than anything or anyone else.  So much as to my right wrist is getting sore, and my calves are hurting. Like whoa.

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