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Fashion Director: Michelle C. Ngo
Fashion Assistant: Nicci Gilbert
Photographer: Erich Chen (me of course)
Photographer Assistant: Randy Lau
Hair & Makeup: Valerie P. Hernandez, Opus Beauty
H & M Assistant: Dominik Elias
Stylist: Lyndzi Trang
Model: Breanna Box, Models International
Model: Barnett O’Hara, Models International

Yet another spread in Skinnie Magazine, this time it’s Fall Fashion! I’m super excited to announce the world (and you) that my work is in Skinnie Magazine again! I had such a wonderful and talented team that I worked with. Thank you Michelle (as always). Thank you Randy for doing video. Thank you Lyndzi for always doing some bad ass stylizing! It was soo good seeing you again Breanna, you rock! Barnett, you do so well in character, it’s kinda scary. Nicci, it was super good talking to you at the end. Ad Valerie and Dominik good job with everything, thank you so much!
Let me tell you a little bit about this editorial. It’s a cholo/chola inspired love story. It’s got a nice raw look to it. This was photographed in Long Beach, on a nice beautiful sunny day.  For lunch we had super awesome vegan tacos, and honestly some of the best tacos of my life. And they look soooo real! By real I mean, like you know, meat tacos. But they were in fact “soyrizo” tacos, a play off of chorizo. Clever. I wish I made that up, but I didn’t.
There will be a behind the scenes video for this very soon! Enjoy the photos for now!

skinnie magazine fall fashion 2010 erich chen photography Skinnie Magazine Fall Fashion 2010 Spread!!!

skinnie magazine fall fashion 2010 erich chen photography 2 Skinnie Magazine Fall Fashion 2010 Spread!!!

skinnie magazine fall fashion 2010 erich chen photography 3 Skinnie Magazine Fall Fashion 2010 Spread!!!

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This is going to be a quick and shameless post. I’m going to use Papaya Clothing’s new Banner as my Happy New Year’s to all my readers (mainly because it’s a lot easier than creating my own)

picture 1 Happy New Year everyone!

picture 2 Happy New Year everyone!

Work at Papaya has been fun AND educational. I mean as a guy I learn a lot about  clothing/fashion, and my girlfriend (Rosalva) actually asks for my opinion on what she’s wearing. It’s kinda cool. And also I have a few more magazine publications that I’ll post soon!

Anyway, my New Year’s Resolutions are to go run (or exercise) and read every single day. This starts tomorrow morning when I play basketball with the members of my new league team ‘Tiger Woods Communications.” Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

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