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AH!! I’m pretty excited, I haven’t taught a workshop in a while, but I’m back! This time I’m running it with my really good friend Jeremy Chou. If you’re interested all you have tod o is email us at, and if you have questions feel free to email us there as well.

websize2 Announcing Lighting and Direction! A wedding photography workshop!


Over 70 attendees + 2-3 instructors +  6-7 models + really low light photography = madness.

I didn’t bring a flash or a Pocketwizard because I didn’t know we were supposed to, so I had work with literally very little light.  But this is what I was able to create with one camera and one lens.

Thanks to Jason Mark for taking me. You are awesome.

This photo is just against a wall of a cafe.

img 7126s Last night I went to a wedding photography workshop...

This is just a doorway with an overhead light.

img 7136s Last night I went to a wedding photography workshop...

I like this one a lot, partly because this is at a gas station, but it doesnt look like one at all.

img 7164s Last night I went to a wedding photography workshop...

Same doorway as the one above.

img 7206s Last night I went to a wedding photography workshop...

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July 10, 2009 Workshop Part 3!

Yay! E-mail me if you’re interested!

3rdflierver2 Workshop Part 3!

April 24, 2009 Workshop Aftermath

So this post has been one that I’ve been trying to get out as early as last week but I was waiting on photos from my friend who I will not mention his name (Michael Tang.) He took some photos at my workshop but has not given me all the images from them, so to post a blog about a workshop without photos would’ve been difficult.  I still don’t have enough photos, but these will do!  So here’s a collection of random photos from the second workshop.

Thank you everyone who came out to our workshops, and super special thanks to Tikko for providing the space and running the workshop with me! Also thanks to Jeramee and Rob the wonderful models, and last but not least thanks to my friend Jen who came out to do make up on the models.

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3199 193394845053 795720053 6679217 3322697 n Workshop Aftermath
3238 732405261881 6004438 42132584 3655537 n Workshop Aftermath 

wrkshp5 Workshop Aftermath
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3275 776001150323 1201789 44673416 588395 n Workshop Aftermath

53499 t686671 Workshop Aftermath

wrkshp2 Workshop Aftermath

wrkshp4 Workshop Aftermath

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