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November 19, 2009 Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

From now on…SAF stands for Shoot a friend (project) and this is part of my shoot a friend project.

This is Stacey, part Filipino and part Indian! She says she gets mistaken for half black a lot.  These are some of the photos we came up with today! Enjoy!

img 9719s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9735s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9745s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9755s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9766s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9802s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9823s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9860s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

Bulaclac is pronounced ‘boo-lock-lock’ in case you’re wondering. Denton is pronounced ‘den-ton.’ Yup.

So far, my ‘shoot a friend a week’ project is going smoothly. This Denton, one of my closest friends my second year of college.  We were both RA’s and our halls were right next to each other so needless to say we hung out a lot.  After that year unfortunately we parted ways, but I told him upon seeing him after all these years that I don’t remember why we didn’t keep in touch.  He admitted that he was a ‘mooch’, that kept freeloading homework and food off of me.  So what probably happened was I couldn’t stand it anymore, and just didn’t bother to keep in touch.  I also told him I can’t see myself getting annoyed if he’s getting homework for me, but the food, yeah the food might bother me a little bit. When I’m hungry, I become Gollum from Lord of the Rings and the food becomes ‘my precious’ ring. I can’t help it.

Are you interested in becoming part of my shoot a friend a week project?

img 8450s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

img 8559s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

img 8620s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

img 8630s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

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October 13, 2009 Meet Frank (SAF)

So I have this bad habit of editing and posting up photos of stuff that I shot last, first.  And editing and posting up photos that I shot first, last. Make sense? If it doesn’t well, oh well.  So Frank’s part of the beginning of a project of mine, which he probably doesn’t know about because I might have failed to mention it to him. But I don’t think he cares.  My project is to shoot a friend a week, photographically of course which is to always keep me in the practice of shooting regularly. It’s been a lot of fun.

This is Frank, a really good friend of mine and a fellow thespian. Well I can’t say we’re that good of friends since the last time we saw each other was probably five years ago. But reuniting and hanging out now was just as good as it was five years ago. We talked about his acting career, traveling, and an old drool-on-the-pillow joke that I have no recollection of.

So these three photos I picked might not be the ones he likes, because he says he doesn’t like photos of him not smiling. I don’t care, it’s my project. I like these.

img 8251s Meet Frank (SAF)

img 8171s Meet Frank (SAF)

img 8229s Meet Frank (SAF)

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This is John. I call him Canton. It has a better ring to it.   He’s a good friend of mine. Canton always joked about doing a photoshoot with him, and I always said okay. But finally we actually did one.  It’s nothing fancy, but it wasn’t supposed to be. It’s just supposed to be simple and that’s it.

img 8051s Meet Jonathan Canton (SAF)

img 7991s Meet Jonathan Canton (SAF)

img 7984s Meet Jonathan Canton (SAF)

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