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November 12, 2010 Mad Rock Climbing

I haven’t had a personal blog post in a while, and even though this is still ‘work’ related. I recently picked up rock climbing! So the first half of this post I shot about 5-6 months for Mad Rock Climbing which is a company based in Orange County and they sell…rock climbing gear of course icon smile Mad Rock Climbing

I have a few pictures of in their 2011 catalog which is kind of exciting, I photographed these images during one of the team’s excursions and at that time I didn’t do any rock climbing, but as of three weeks ago I’m a rock climber icon smile Mad Rock Climbing I’m all decked out with climbing gear now and I think I’m doing okay thanks to my friend who are experts icon smile Mad Rock Climbing Last, last time I climbed, I took on a 5-10 (even though it took me a long time and I had a lot of help) I was pretty proud and tired after that. I plan on climbing more and more!

At the end of the post, I attached a few photos of me and my friend climbing at Hangar 18 in Upland.

I’d like to thank Mark, Kenny, Winnie, Lisa, Michelle, for helping me out and teaching me to climbI look forward to climbing with Brian Wu, Julie, Elnie, and Brian Chu!

madrock1 Mad Rock Climbing

madrock2 Mad Rock Climbing

madrock5 Mad Rock Climbing

Here are a few of my other favorites from the shoot icon smile Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 42 Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 67 Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 144 Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 156 Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 204 Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 246 Mad Rock Climbing

erichchen madrock 294 Mad Rock Climbing

redrock ec175 Mad Rock Climbing

redrock ec161 Mad Rock Climbing

I’m coming down from a climb that I couldn’t do, haha. This is my fail-smile.

 Mad Rock Climbing

I’m suiting up!

 Mad Rock Climbing

Some of my climbing friends and I

 Mad Rock Climbing

Recently I had a huge influx of Youtube subscribers, and one of my videos had a huge surge in views, but I had no idea why. I just thought to myself, “Oh maybe I’m getting famous.”  Yeah I think lame things like that all the time.

Then I get an email from this guy named Alex saying he saw my video on Fstoppers and then bam! It all makes sense. I don’t know how Fstoppers found me, but I don’t care. I am excited!!!

This engagement sesssion video takes place at my local and the historical Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles with the amazing Mark and Serena. Their wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks, and I am very excited icon smile Featured on FSTOPPERS!

screen shot 2010 07 22 at 11 59 28 am Featured on FSTOPPERS!

If you’d like to see the video that was featured click here

Erich Chen Photography. Union Station Engagement Session. Fstoppers Featured Video. Wednesday Rundown. If you are interested in having your engagement session photographed by me please visit my contact page through my website

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A huge huge thanks to Mrs. Patty Mullen for not only being an amazing bride to photograph, but also for submitting our images to a magazine, because now we’re published!

Huzzah! This is great news! I got three photos published on two pages of this magazine. So beautiful. I’m pretty proud of the dominant photo of the jet in the background. This got published in the May issue. I didn’t get it until today because Patty now lives in Germany (which I plan to visit one day), and she’s got quite a life there. But better late than never, and now I have one more publication to add to my list. icon smile Published in Military Spouse Magazine

milspouse001s Published in Military Spouse Magazine

I have to admit, Military Spouse isn’t the most ‘bridal’ sounding bridal magazine, but it is a bridal magazine, and I’ll take it! Horray! I didn’t photograph the cover, but in case you wanted to see what the magazine looks like here it is. And I haven’t really seen these magazines in book stores, but it’s probably circulated around military bases, air force bases, and navy bases. Military Spouse Magazine today. The Knot Magazine tomorrow. Right?

milspouse003 Published in Military Spouse Magazine

Erich Chen Photography. Los Angeles Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Orange County Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Trash the Dress Session. Military Spouse Magazine.  If you are interested in your own trash the dress session please contact me through my website

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