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June 5, 2010 Meet Photosodes

photosodoeslogoblog Meet Photosodes

img 0005 Meet Photosodes

For the last few weeks my friend  Nathan Nowack and I have been working on our very new show called Photosodes . It’s a weekly web episode about anything and everything photography. It’s also made by photographers for photographers. I havent decided to blog about this until now because before we didn’t have that much content on the site, but we’ve officially launched our fourth episode which is about travel photography
It’s like a photography talk show. icon smile Meet Photosodes
Check here for our previous episodes and upcoming episode schedule. Click here for facebook page
Photography webisode. Photo webisode. Photography education. Photosodes.

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This is going to be a quick and shameless post. I’m going to use Papaya Clothing’s new Banner as my Happy New Year’s to all my readers (mainly because it’s a lot easier than creating my own)

picture 1 Happy New Year everyone!

picture 2 Happy New Year everyone!

Work at Papaya has been fun AND educational. I mean as a guy I learn a lot about  clothing/fashion, and my girlfriend (Rosalva) actually asks for my opinion on what she’s wearing. It’s kinda cool. And also I have a few more magazine publications that I’ll post soon!

Anyway, my New Year’s Resolutions are to go run (or exercise) and read every single day. This starts tomorrow morning when I play basketball with the members of my new league team ‘Tiger Woods Communications.” Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

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First, I’d like  to apologize for my lack of blogging in the last couple of weeks. It’s been as crazy as crazy can get over holidays, I’ve been doing anything and everything from last minute orders, hanging out with family, and friends, and last but not least shopping!

Speaking of a shopping. I am a shopaholic, shopping for other people is just an excuse for me to go out and shop. And when that happens I usually end up buying stuff for myself. It’s terrible, I know. But don’t pretend like you don’t do it. On a side note, I haven’t had to do any math since college, and my math skills are deteriorating every day. I used to be quick and sharp with math, but now I’m just slow and confused. Until today, I got my groove back while Day after Christmas shopping. Suddenly, I’m able to calculate final costs after 40,50, 60 etc. percent discounts and adding taxes quickly and accurately (to the dollar).

These are some photos of fun in the snow!

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19462 661516363804 6314981 36970058 5937255 n Merry Christmas/Holidays/New Year/Hannakuh/Kwanzaa etc.

19462 661516383764 6314981 36970061 2797328 n Merry Christmas/Holidays/New Year/Hannakuh/Kwanzaa etc.

19462 661516388754 6314981 36970062 8315547 n Merry Christmas/Holidays/New Year/Hannakuh/Kwanzaa etc.

This last photo is of me. For some reason I didn’t think it was going to be really cold.  So I went pretty underprepared. The coldness kicked my ass pretty good.  What you see is here me wearing two backpacks (front and back) for insulation because that jacket I’m wearing is pretty much all I got.  The beanie and front backpack was borrowed from Rosalva, my girlfriend.

19462 661516428674 6314981 36970070 5218906 n Merry Christmas/Holidays/New Year/Hannakuh/Kwanzaa etc.

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Dear all,

I would like to take a moment to reflect on the support, encouragement, comments, compliments from my family, friends, other photographers, especially my lovely girlfriend Rosalva.  Even though I am a sole proprietorship (one man entrepreneur) I could not have done it with out all of you and the Grace of God.  I am very grateful to be where I am right now, and I am very excited for the future of my business.  And I mean very excited.  I have many ideas and ventures that I cannot wait to share with all of you but for right now they’re all in my head.  They are aging like wine, because they longer they are in there the better they get. When they’re ready they will be bottled and served to everyone in a nice glass.

Many of you have been my inspiration. Especially those who are photographers, entrepreneurs, teachers, strong and positive people, and the many students that I have taught over the last couple of years.  Please continue to do what you do. Do it with with love, passion, honesty, integrity, and do it well.

This is my giving of thanks to all of you out there. And I know it’s not Thanksgiving yet, but I don’t think I need to wait for Thanksgiving to be thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all and I hope a safe and wonderful rest of the year. Cheers!

Oh by the way I made this cool looking SAF Project Banner that is now sitting in the Shoot a Friend section of my blog

cropped1 Thank you to everyone for all your encouragement!