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Although you’ve probably seen my winning photo below, I just got the magazine version of this from American Photo, and of course I am very very excited!!!

So the package comes in this large white mailing folder with some light contents in it. When I held it, I kinda had an idea of what was inside, but I wasn’t sure. For a few moments I was brought back to days where I would wait around for acceptance/rejection letters from college that came in in very freakishly similar folder/envelopes.

Anyways, I know the news isn’t new, but it’s super nice holding a published magazine around with my name on it and a photo that I took in it.

americanphoto004 American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

The photo below is the cover of the magazine that I won, I didn’t photograph the cover of the magazine, I’m just showing you in case you run across a Barnes and Noble or Borders and see this magazine and decide to peruse it…because..oh..I don’t know..maybe you’ll want to see my winning photo!! AH!!! just kidding. maybe not.

americanphoto001 American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

The weird looking line on the right side of the photo below is where the spread splits. I also had to stitch the photos together because the magazine is bigger than my scanner. American Photo Magazine gave me a very beautiful page and a half for my photo, and a nice little blurb at the bottom icon smile American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

americanphoto002 American Photo Magazine Tearsheets!

American Photo Magazine. Erich Chen Photography. Creative and Modern Wedding Photographer. Los Angeles Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Orange County Wedding and Portrait Photographer. If you are interested in your own engagement session please contact me through my website

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Hi readership, intern Emilie here. Just helping out with the blog.

Firstly, thanks Erich, for picking me as your new intern! : )

id jump beach Intern Emilie is invading this space.

Secondly, he asked me to blog a little about myself.  Well, I am sort of an art-loving, music-craving, Yoga-doing, vegetarian environmentalist wanna-be.  When I’m at UCI, I host a weekly radio show on which I spin obscure goth rock and punk tracks.  Maybe I sound like an artsy-fartsy cliché, but everything I do and believe, I am really passionate about!

I most enjoy wildlife and animal photography, but occasionally I will take pictures of people.

So to wrap up, I’ll be helping Erich out around and behind the scenes. He’s already taught me a lot of what I know about cameras and Photoshop, so I’m excited for more insight from a new perspective.

And even though this is a blog and not radio, I’m gonna say: stay tuned for more exciting news from Erich!

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This is news that I’ve been holding back for a while, because I didn’t want to announce it until it was published. But recently I entered into the Look of Love Photography Contest associated with American Photo Magazine and also Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Magazine. and I won! I won!

I am very esctatic to tell the world that I won for the “Getting Ready” Category and received runner-up for “Couples Portrait” Category. Considering it was my first photography contest that I won, I was very surprised to win. When I got the call one morning I was speechless, it was one of those moments in life where you’re really happy and your brain has so many thoughts going on but nothing comes out of your mouth.

This is the winning photo for “Getting Ready”

screen shot 2010 06 20 at 5 42 33 pm Published in Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Magazine.

Runner-up for Couples Portrait

screen shot 2010 06 20 at 5 42 07 pm Published in Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Magazine.

These photos are also published in American Photo Magazine, and when they get published I’ll put up another post, but for now these will do icon smile Published in Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Magazine.

Erich Chen Photography. Los Angeles Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Orange County Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Look of Love Photography Contest Winner. Published in American Photo. Published in Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Magazine. If you are interested in booking me for a wedding please go to the contact page on my website

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I have so much to blog about, and not enough time! But right now I want to focus on a very special person! I am very proud to present my very first intern! This is Emilie!

img 9992 Meet Emilie, shes my new intern!

She’s also my sister! She applied to my internship position that didn’t really exist, and after comparing her with her (nonexistent) competition I had made my choice. After much debate, I have decided that she would make an excellent intern so Emilie is now part of my team. She’ll be helping me out with all sorts of tasks such as blogging, shoots, and editing, etc. etc. Emilie is currently a student at UCI where she is majoring in everything. She’s an owner of a Canon 50d, and she is also an award-winning photographer.

Congratulations to her!

And…congratulations to the Lakers for winning the Championship! I don’t quite understand why Laker fans have to riot and go crazy when we win.

And to sum up my week, I just got back from San Francisco today to meet with an extremely hilarious couple Polly and Kwong photograph an incredibly fun engagement session with Cynthia and Reggie, and photographed a beautiful wedding of Chona and Michael. Tomorrow I head out to San Diego to help out with a wedding for my friend Nathan Nowack to showcase for photosodes!

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