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I’m literally trying to slow my blogging pace down to a normal, un-overwhelming, pace so that people won’t think I am self-indulging and narcissistic guy.  Because I’m not, right? Anyway, I shot an engagement this weekend with Jeremy and Jeramee, they’re names are spelled differently but pronounced the same.  Imagine trying how difficult it was for me to direct them: “Jeremy(mee) can you look at me? No, not you the other one.” Yeah it was pretty tough.  So I asked them how am I supposed to differentiate them with names, they told me to use “Jera-he and Jera-she” which I thought was pretty clever, but that just sounded weird to me and struggled with that many, many times.  In retrospect I probably should have used last names.

Anyhoo, they are two wonderfully beautiful people who were great people to work with.   They made my job real easy icon smile Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement

So here are a few photos that I liked. They are all black and white because they wanted a timeless classic look from the 50′s and 60′s

img 5818slogo Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement 
img 5677slogo Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement
img 5697slogo Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement
img 5762slogo1 Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement
img 5922slogo Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement
img 5894slogo Jeremy and Jeramee Engagement

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