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October 13, 2009 Be the Difference.

This took me what seemed like forever and a day to design, but it’s done! I’m excited to see the events hosted by my friend Jon Chang, because they’re always good icon smile Be the Difference. I will be shooting the event as well, which means it’s going to be uber awesome (for me). I’ll be seeing a few familiar faces from the line up such as Lawrence and Tony from Kaba, and Clara Chung. They’re all really good.

The event is for a good cause, and it’s free.  It’s a FREE concert, with good talent, those don’t come by very often. So I encourage everyone to go to it! I’ll see you there?

November 07 2009

11AM – 5PM

1605-1695 S. Azusa Ave.,

Hacienda Heights, CA 91745


11x17posterwbleeds Be the Difference.

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September 9, 2009 ISA 2009

img 6549s ISA 2009

Kina Grannis

img 6574s ISA 2009

David Choi, Kina Grannis

img 6739s ISA 2009

Quest Crew

img 6599s ISA 2009

Quest Crew

img 6647s ISA 2009


img 6693s ISA 2009


img 6700s ISA 2009

WongFu Productions

img 6766s ISA 2009

Hip hop artist Cassie!

img 6793s ISA 2009


img 6911s ISA 2009


img 6946s ISA 2009


img 7036s ISA 2009

If you look closely, there’s a “I heart FM” poster in the reflection in his sunglasses.

img 6964s ISA 2009

Apparently Quest Crew has a girl on their team? My verdict? Coool.

img 7137s ISA 2009

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It took a couple weeks to get my images back because I had to send these in.  But here are a few more of my favorite images from the very teen-filled Wango Tango.

Crazy little teenagers going crazy over a few dollars.  I admit though if I wasn’t working I would’ve swiped a few of those dollars.
img 2957s Wango Tango Part 3

Ribbon twirler on stilts at entrance

img 3031s Wango Tango Part 3

Quest Crew (America’s Best Dance Crew 3 winners) after their performance.

img 3135s Wango Tango Part 3 

The lovely Beach Girls 5

img 3404s Wango Tango Part 3

This is how excited people get over the possibility of getting some t-shirts.

img 3829s Wango Tango Part 3

They’ called Frequency 5. I think it’s because there’s five of them.

img 3925s Wango Tango Part 3

I wonder what kind of conditioner this guy uses because his hair looks amazing.

img 3942s Wango Tango Part 3

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May 15, 2009 Janelle Monae

OMG. I love.

Fun. Energetic. Quirky. Passionate. Beautiful. Moon Walking. Crowd Surfing. Simply Amazing.
Fimg 6204s Janelle Monae

img 5916s Janelle Monae

img 5948s Janelle Monae

img 5950s Janelle Monae

img 5989s Janelle Monae

img 6184s Janelle Monae

img 6241s Janelle Monae

img 6375s Janelle Monae

img 6390s Janelle Monae

img 6406s Janelle Monae


P.S This week is editing week for me, so there are less posts this week.

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