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February 16, 2011 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

This girl is taking the world by storm, one show at a time. She has a mini tour set up, so if you want to see her perform live, here’s the info:

Loveprint Tour Stops

Los Angeles, March 19
Hotel Café
1623 ½ N. Cahuenga Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Showtime: 8pm
Ticket Link:

Seattle, Aprl 23
Q Café
Ft. New Heights
3223 15th Avenue West
Seattle, WA 98119
Showtime: 8pm
Ticket Link:

San Diego, April 30
The Loft
Ft. Diversion Sound!/pages/Diversion-Sound/174615432358
9500 Gilman Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92093
Showtime: 8pm
Ticket Link:

clarac 011 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 027 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 035 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 105 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 114 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 124 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 138 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 160 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

clarac 175 Clara C Photos (Portrait)

“Having been a closet musician most of her life, Clara has only recently revealed her talent to the world. In a short period of time, she has won prestigious competitions such as Kollaboration 10, ISA 09: Los Angeles and the KAC Media Creative Juice Night. Clara has just begun to capture the hearts and minds of the music community worldwide. Her quirky charm, creative ideas, unlimited instrumental and vocal talent has allowed people to see Clara as the next big singer/songwriter.  Clara’s music can best be described as a synergy of folk/pop/rock sound that when blended together creates a unique experience.  She has performed at renowned venues such as The White House Dept. of Education, Hollywood Bowl, Shrine Auditorium and more where she performed for crowds of up to 18,000 people. Clara’s debut album was released on September 24, 2010 to a sold out crowd at the Hotel Cafe venue.  Look for Clara as she tours throughout the year promoting her debut album, The Art in My Heart.”

Also check her out at…

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This is just a casual shoot with Clara, who is an amazing music artist and who never ceases to amaze me. Even though her music career is six months young, she has already won many competitions such as ISA and Kollaboration 10 and ISA 2009 . She’s also performed at the Hollywood Bowl and at the White House, and yet she’s barely making her mark. In fact she’s just warming up. Her first album is debuting later this year. When it does she’s going to rock the world! Clara’s been kind enough to let me listen to a few of her new songs a few days ago, and they are UH MAY ZING.  When her album comes out I will be more excited than a fat kid with a triple chocolate fudge brownie.

Clara’s one of my friends whom I don’t get to see too often because we’re both busy, but when we do it’s always a lot of fun and inspiring. I am very honored to ber her friend and  to have been able to see her perform numerous times.

One of my favorite of her songs is called Dreaming in Neverland and I’ve made a cool video out of it that involves superman, if you want to see it click on the link above.

For  Clara C Music  Youtube channel click here

img 9154 Clara Chung Photos

img 9156 Clara Chung Photos

img 9167 Clara Chung Photos

img 9172 Clara Chung Photos

img 9240 Clara Chung Photos

img 9268 Clara Chung Photos

img 9291 Clara Chung Photos

img 9305 Clara Chung Photos

img 9335 Clara Chung Photos

img 9340 Clara Chung Photos

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Clara C Music Photos. Clara Chung Photos. Pictures of Clara C Music. Pictures of Clara Chung.

My moon my man. Clouds. Use Somebody + Fallin for you. Fools gold. Smile with candy.

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January 2, 2010 Acoustic Holiday Party

I wanted to throw a few photos in before the holiday season and spirit completely withers away.  This is small little Christmas acoustic ‘concert’ that I shot last week.

acousticholidayparty017 Acoustic Holiday Party

acousticholidayparty008 Acoustic Holiday Party

This is the day that I became fond of Pepperjack cheese cubes. yum.

acousticholidayparty009 Acoustic Holiday Party

Far East Movement swag

acousticholidayparty010 Acoustic Holiday Party

More swag.

acousticholidayparty011 Acoustic Holiday Party

[FM] on the dance floor.

acousticholidayparty071 Acoustic Holiday Party

Vudoo Soul.

acousticholidayparty129 Acoustic Holiday Party

Lydia, she’s the only girl on Quest Crew, I believe.

acousticholidayparty160 Acoustic Holiday Party

AJ Rafael, a Youtube music sensation.

acousticholidayparty175 Acoustic Holiday Party

His other half.

acousticholidayparty172 Acoustic Holiday Party

Dj Virman

acousticholidayparty217 Acoustic Holiday Party

This is me. icon smile Acoustic Holiday Party Hello

acousticholidayparty044 Acoustic Holiday Party

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Introducing !!! I have a lot of other work that I was really proud of but I didn’t want to put it on my wedding/portrait site, so I made another site so as not to clutter the sites. And I think it worked out wonderfully.

Also for my existing website , I am now using the music of the very wonderful and the very talented Clara C Music. She was this year’s JCPenny Breakout performer, and has had appearances at ICA, Be the Difference, and other great shows. She recently told me that she has booked a showing at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. She’s blowing up faster than a bag of popcorn. I am very proud of her and am very excited to see her grow (musically.)

I will also be photographing her next week as part of my ‘shoot a friend project’ and I have a couple of other shoot a friend projects this week that I will hopefully be posting up this weekend or beginning of next week. They will be bomb! I promise.

picture 22 My new commercial photography website launched!

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