Kaysha Weiner Photography and I will be going to NYC to be photographing Ritchie and Oz’s Wedding! We’ll be back in a week!

I will have limited access to internet, so emails interactions maybe slower.

america newyork3 Im leaving for NYC today and Ill be back in a week!

Here’s my 2011 travel itinerary

2011 Travel Dates

Temecula: January 1 – 2

Big Bear: January 7-9

New York: January 14-17

Taiwan: February 1-13

Las Vegas: February 19-23

Cabo: May 31-Jun 2

Palm Springs: July 2

San Jose: July 29-30

New York: August 24-30

Chicago: September 22-25

Cancun: Oct. 5-10

Maui: Oct 11-13

Temecula: Dec 3

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