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May 1, 2011 Meet Kaysha!

Meet Kaysha. She’s a good friend of mine and an excellent photographer! I asked her to take some photos of me, and in return I’d take some of photos of her, if she wanted to. It turned out to be quite an awesome experience. I learned what it’s like to be on the other side of the camera, and I’ll admit it’s not easy. I’m behind the camera 99.9% of the time and the .1% of the time that I was in front, I felt so vulnerable! Luckily I’m good friends with Kaysha and felt pretty comfortable having my photo taken by her, but it was still a challenging experience. It’s hard to smile ‘naturally’ all the time, which is something I tell my clients to do all the time. Now that I understand how hard that is, I’ll probably stop making other people do it icon smile Meet Kaysha!

So here are some of the images that I took of her, and be sure to check out her work, it’s awesome!

Kaysha 018 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 024 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 026 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 031 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 032 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 039 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 044 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 053 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 058 Meet Kaysha!

Kaysha 062 Meet Kaysha!

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