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I got this incredible birthday gift from Tam and Ed, one of the FUNNIEST and nicest couples ever. Well to be more specific Tam’s super duper nice, and Ed’s probably one of the funniest dudes I know on this planet.
Look what they gave me! It’s a birthday card of an elephant! They gave me an elephant because they never want me to forget who they are. Isn’t that adorable? icon smile A Birthday card! And I got pranked! Tam and Ed, I’ll never forgot you guys. You guys are such a joy and pleasure to work with and be friends with!
Thank you so much for that, and thank you so much for the one dollar. I promise I will use it wisely tonight.
img 6898s A Birthday card! And I got pranked!
img 6900s1 A Birthday card! And I got pranked!
As for those who don’t know me, I do have the unfortunately birthday of today. April Fools Day. It was definitely tough growing up because nobody would believe me on my birthday.
Me: “Hey guys, it’s my birthday!”
Friend: “haha yeah right.”
Me: “No really it is”
Friend: “Go away.”
Yup that’s pretty much how my life was growing up….
And I’m twenty something years old now and I’m still getting pranked. And this time around it’s my good friend Nathan Nowack who send me a fake wedding inquiry that I TOTALLY fell for. Check out this email I got this morning…
NAME: Erica Chen
PHONE: 760-845-xxxx (I changed this because it’s an actual number)
EVENT DATE: 1-7-12
HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT ME?: Friend of a Friend
MESSAGE: OMG Erich, not only are our names almost the same but your photography is truly amazing. I have a 400 person wedding in Jan. and need 12 hours of coverage, 2 photographers, 12×12 album and 2 parent albums, and would like more info. My budget is $7000, please let me know if that is doable. I’ll pay anything for your talent. Oh, and Happy Brithday 4-1 boy.
It’s good. He got me. It’s subtle enough to where I didn’t suspect anything in the morning (I read emails first thing in the morning. I felt so dumb afterwards when I found out. Nathan spent a good solid minute laughing at me over the phone.  It’s a good thing he didn’t put up a real email address because my response was over the top. I’ve never photographed at St. Regis before and I thought it was ‘fate’ when the name was Erica Chen. yeahhh.  If you noticed the email address is april fools spelled backwards, I didn’t watch that even though I did notice it, but i thought it was some fancy french word.