Part of my job as a photographer allows me to travel, which I am so thankful for. Just this past year in 2010 I was able to travel to New york, San Francisco, Hawaii, and Paris. Aside from the photography during the traveling it’s the random adventures, the food, and the people I meet on my travels that make traveling so interesting, fun and unique. And sometimes it’s the random people that I meet and talk to on my flights that makes my traveling so much more interesting. This post is dedicated to all of the people that I’ve met during my trips. Thank you for making my trips so much more awesome.
Meet Josh (the one on the right)! He’s from Australia. My friend Jon (on the left) and I call Josh: Aussie Josh.  It was pretty clear to Jon and I that Aussie Josh was going to be pretty fun to sit next to when Josh tried to order alcohol before the plane took off. And in case you didn’t know, no alcohol is allowed to be served until the plane is in the air. But a after few hundred feet in the air, and a few drinks later Jon, Josh, and I became the life of the party in row 27. It was awesome. I have no doubt in my mind we were loud and probably very obnoxious to the whole plane, if not, at least to the our neighboring rows. This was the beginning to what turned out to be a very epic New York Trip. Thank you Josh!

 Thank you random people I meet on airplanes/subway

This is Jonathan. I met him on my second trip to New York and I didn’t meet him on the plane but rather afterwards at the subway station adjacent to the JFK airport.  He came up to me and started talking to me first, and just like any paranoid Angelino I thought he was a creeper. But he turned out to be quite awesome and super friendly. He eventually invited me and a couple of friends to a stand up comedy show in New York that he was hosting called “Buns and Puns.” Since he was so cool my friends and I actually showed up to it and check it out, they actually serve you cinnamon buns when you go there, hence “buns and puns.” I love food.  When we arrived we got stuck up at the front row which is my number one fear when going to a stand up comedy show. But Jon assured me that I’d be alright, but I really thought he was lying and I was going to get cooked by all the stand up comedians for sure. But he was right, thank you John!

 Thank you random people I meet on airplanes/subway

On my third trip to New York, I got to meet the naked cowboy, and although my conversation with him didn’t really get past a couple of sentences I thought I’d put up a photo of him anyway. For those who aren’t familiar with the naked cowboy, he’s quite the attraction (for obvious reasons) in Times Square. He’ll play the guitar for you and pose for you if you tip him. It a little uncomfortable for me to ask to take a picture with a naked cowboy, but it was worth the $1 that I tipped him and it makes for a good story and a cool picture. I also hear that there’s a female version of the naked cowboy somewhere in Times Square, I tried to look for her  but I think it was her day off. Shucks.

 Thank you random people I meet on airplanes/subway

This is Alexia, and I met her on my flight back from Paris a couple of months ago. I found out that she’s a model and she’s been to more countries than I have. I was very jealous, but anyone who’s traveling that much is generally cool. And she was! She was so nice and very helpful on the entire trip she’d always help me with the my stubborn tray that was in between our seats (we sat in a front row where trays were stashed in between arm rests.)  We had all sorts of random conversations that involved language, culture and countries. English isn’t her first language, but I think we did pretty well communicating. And obviously her first language was French so I’d tried to eaves drop whenever she was talking to a flight attendant or some other person not because I was nosy, but just because the french language sounds like sexy poetry. Thanks Alexia!

2photo Thank you random people I meet on airplanes/subway

This is Vincent, he was my flight buddy on my last trip this past weekend from New York City. That same day my friend Scotty (in NY) pointed out that I haven’t met anyone random on that trip to NY, when he said that I realized he was right and quite frankly I was a little sad, but luckily on the way back I happen to sit next to a pretty awesome person. Even though we didn’t talk until the end of the flight we had some really, really good conversation. We talked mostly about his life and God, and it was definitely the deepest conversation I’ve ever had with a random person in such a short period of time. Finally at the end, I gave him my sandwich because he was really hungry and if you know me at all, you know that I love food and that was a big sacrifice, but he was an exceptional airplane friend. I hope that I made his day.

 Thank you random people I meet on airplanes/subway

So if you ever bump into me at a subway station or on the plane, I think I’m a pretty good flight buddy so come and talk to me!

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  1. kim says:

    Erich before my last flight I was thinking back to all the people I have met through the years on planes and traveling, their interesting lives and the good conversations we have had. I love your idea of taking pictures. I haven’t done that in the past but will start with future flights.

  2. shamin says:

    tang and i met random people in portland this past weekend, and they were so awesome! :D but i do regret not taking pictures with our random-people-friends. :(

  3. matthew2262 says:

    So true, you meet the best people sometimes when traveling abroad. My personal favorite would be a tie between my driver from Costa Rica, “Francisco the Ladies Man.” Or this Jersey Shore type dude from Chi-town we met in Kauai who ended up being freakin hysterical. I forget his name, but it was something italian, like Anthony or something. Love meeting new people as long as they’re not trying to hit on my wife (which can happen from time to time)!

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