Archive for Oct 03, 2010

I’ve been waiting till the very last minute to announce this on my blog: I’m going to Paris starting tomorrow, and I’ll be back on Friday! I will be there to photograph Juanita and Billy for their engagement session!

I’m super excited and very thankful for this opportunity and all my couples who have been awesome enough to fly me out to their weddings; Mylinh and Alfred for Hawaii, Allison and Hok for New York, Chona and Michael for Halfmoon Bay, and Reggie and Cynthia for San Francisco.

I have attached a photo to represent my departure to Paris even though I took this recently on my flight out to New York. I apologize for my shabby appearance, but this photo was taken some time at 7 in the morning at the airport, but I had to wake up hours before that. Don’t judge me by my unbalanced jacket drawstrings.

 I will be out of the office, and in Paris!!!

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