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I dont do headshots very often, but this is for my good friend Lawrence Kao whom I’ve taken photos for before and blogged about. In case you haven’t met him yet (on my blog) this is Lawrence, most well-known for his dance teams MTV debut on season 1 of America’s Best Dance Crew. Maybe you’ve heard of his team, Kaba Modern which is originally from southern california’s UCI.

Ever since high school, Lawrence and I have shared a passion for acting, I think that we were both pretty good, especially in slapstick comedy. It’s pretty cool to see him pursue it, and of course I only wish him the best since it’s an extremely competitive field. I really think he can do it, but right now he’s still in the starting out stage but has been pretty busy with his acting career.

img 4094 Meet Lawrence (again)

img 4185 Meet Lawrence (again)

img 42451 Meet Lawrence (again)

img 4234 copy1 Meet Lawrence (again)

img 4370 Meet Lawrence (again)

img 43161 Meet Lawrence (again)

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