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Intern Randy here!

I had the great opportunity to assist Erich at a Celebrity Pink Jeans photoshoot the other day.  Really friendly people, good music (supplied by me :] ), complimentary food via Celebrity Pink Jeans, and lots of clothing to go around.  Keep posted for their new product line!

Below are some of the pictures I took while testing out my new Lensbaby Muse.


Erich: I’m proud to present another intern! My other intern Emilie is currently overseas so right now she can’t help out too much, but luckily for me Randy came along and problem solved! He’s been interning for me for a couple of weeks now, so this post is kind of late. It would’ve went up earlier except we didn’t have a proper photo to put up for him. I took this photo at a wedding that he assisted me in. And if you do look closely he is Nikon photographer.  :(  Yeah I know, I hope thats the only mistake he makes while he’s interning with me. But he’s been very helpful so far, assisting me with weddings, fashion shoots, and a quest crew shoot that I’ll share with you guys very soon.
So below is Randy!

Greetings all!

img 2522s Intern Randy Lau reporting!

Intern Randy Lau here.  I would like to thank Erich for letting me jump on board with him as a new intern!

Onto some random tidbits about myself.. I guess I’d say I’m a bit of a right/left brainer.  I just graduated from UCLA with an Electrical Engineering degree, love to dance and freestyle, avidly read non-fiction books, can play one entire song on the guitar (!), aspire to start my own business, love being creative with the arts.  I’m also a bit of a big passionate, ambitious, spontaneous dork.
I fell in love with photography awhile back playing with my friend’s Nikon D60, and since then I’ve stumbled on books and photographs that leave me in awe (a lot of them on this blog).  I take pictures everyday and aspire to someday impart the same effect on people with photos of my own.
I hope to meet some of you at a future photoshoot or wedding!  I’m excited for the opportunity to help Erich out live and behind the scenes, and learn and contribute as much as I can in the process!  Thanks for stopping by the blog and see you soon!
A conversation I had with Randy online:
me: how you like your photo? pretty good?
Randy: Yeah
me: you know why? its shot with a canon icon smile Intern Randy Lau reporting!