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In lieu of the holidays, I wanted to put up some of the holiday clothing that I have been shooting at Papaya recently. Also, to get more into the spirit ¬†I put some snow on my blog, kinda cool isn’t it?

picture 4 Papaya Holiday Clothes! (Fashion)

picture 5 Papaya Holiday Clothes! (Fashion)

c93806 gre450 Papaya Holiday Clothes! (Fashion)

f35365 a450 Papaya Holiday Clothes! (Fashion)

d93882 re450 Papaya Holiday Clothes! (Fashion)

I also really really like this zip up hoodie. If I were a girl, I definitely buy this.

picture 16 Papaya Holiday Clothes! (Fashion)

Erich Chen Photography. Los Angeles Fashion and Portrait Photographer. Orange County Fashion and Portrait Photographer. If you are interested in booking me for a fashion shoot please contact me through my website

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December 1, 2009 Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

This is a continuation of my SAF project.

This is Erica, she’s an amazing artist and lip-sync-er. She’s also a whole lot of fun. We talked a whole lot over some pho and boba about life, church, and people. It was very fun and so are her photos. The concept for the first part is breakfast! I wanted to use fruits one would normally eat for breakfast in some sort of fun and interesting manner. The concept for part two was just kinda random, because I like random.

Part 1

img 1084s2 Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 1102s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 1118s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 1129s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 1148s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

Part 2

img 0891s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

I threw a ball at her neck in this photo.

img 0965s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 0979s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 1065s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

img 1066s Meet Erica Liang (SAF)

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