This is a continuation of my SAF (shoot a friend)  Project. This is Dr. Stephen Chen, and he’s my dentist.  Technically, I guess this should be labeled shoot a dentist, but the acronym would then be SAD, and that’s sad.
So in this shoot, I wanted the concept to be for my dentist to be the dentist. I thought it was quite amusing. I had a lot of fun telling him what to do, because usually he’s the one telling me what to do.
He’s also an amazing dentist and a great person.  Since he has had a very successful dentistry for a really long time, I asked him for advice for someone who’s starting their own business (me, basically) and this is what he said.

-Maintain good quality in your service.
-Listen to your clients so you can understand what they need/want.
-Don’t think that your way is the only way. If a client wants something done in another way, make your suggestions but do not dismiss what a client wants.
-Instead of complaining, fix the problem.
-Finish your deadlines on time. Make good on your promises.
-Client referrals give the best business.
-All businesses take time. It’s hard in the beginning, but your must persist.
-Be happy about yourself, and your others will be happy too.

It’s not word for word on what he said, I had to do some translating and rewording because he was speaking in Chinese some of the time.

img 1257s Meet Dr. Stephen Chen (SAF), He's my dentist.

img 1267s Meet Dr. Stephen Chen (SAF), He's my dentist.

img 1211s Meet Dr. Stephen Chen (SAF), He's my dentist.

img 1282s Meet Dr. Stephen Chen (SAF), He's my dentist.

img 1307s Meet Dr. Stephen Chen (SAF), He's my dentist.

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3 Responses to “Meet Dr. Stephen Chen (SAF), He's my dentist.”

  1. GawWeetty says:

    Cool post, I didn’t thought it was going to be so awesome when I read the link!

  2. carolee says:

    cool that you shot your dentist! i like the chair shot too hah. but doesn’t look like he’s much going for his last advice because he’s not smiling in any of the shots!

  3. freddy says:

    Him and the chairs. Yes!

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