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November 23, 2009 Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

This is Andre Clark, a good friend of mine from college and former past Resident Advisor at UC Riverside. Holla! Then he went on to USC to do many great things in the gaming department. And now he’s working at a game developing company and starting his own new gaming business called Peanut Gallery Games . Him and his friends just started the company, and I am very excited for him and excited about the future of his growing company.

So let me explain the photos I took of Andre.  He recently bought the very popular game Modern Warfare 2, and he told me he spent about another hefty bill to get the night vision goggles. And they’re pretty legit. I tried them on a couple of times and turned off the lights and it works!  So I wanted to do a conceptual type of shoot with him with his night vision googles and this what we came up with!

img 0631s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0653s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0677s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0708s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0722s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

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November 19, 2009 Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

From now on…SAF stands for Shoot a friend (project) and this is part of my shoot a friend project.

This is Stacey, part Filipino and part Indian! She says she gets mistaken for half black a lot.  These are some of the photos we came up with today! Enjoy!

img 9719s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9735s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9745s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9755s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9766s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9802s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9823s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

img 9860s Meet Stacey Esteban (SAF)

Introducing !!! I have a lot of other work that I was really proud of but I didn’t want to put it on my wedding/portrait site, so I made another site so as not to clutter the sites. And I think it worked out wonderfully.

Also for my existing website , I am now using the music of the very wonderful and the very talented Clara C Music. She was this year’s JCPenny Breakout performer, and has had appearances at ICA, Be the Difference, and other great shows. She recently told me that she has booked a showing at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. She’s blowing up faster than a bag of popcorn. I am very proud of her and am very excited to see her grow (musically.)

I will also be photographing her next week as part of my ‘shoot a friend project’ and I have a couple of other shoot a friend projects this week that I will hopefully be posting up this weekend or beginning of next week. They will be bomb! I promise.

picture 22 My new commercial photography website launched!

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Meet Sarah and Arnold, newlyweds since November 14th. They are engineers….

img 0598s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

And…they met at UCLA. They graduated 2002.

img 0380s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

img 0412s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

img 0477s1 Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

img 0532s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

img 0541s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

img 0558s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

These last few photos are my favorite! They’re racing on chairs in the Engineering building at UCLA. Scroll down to see who wins. Ha.

img 0583s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

It’s really close at this point…

img 0586s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

And the winner …is Arnold! But good effort by Sarah who lost one of her platforms during the race!

img 0588s Meet Sarah and Arnold (Trash the Dress)

Thanks to Serena Grace Photography for letting me second shoot with her for this Trash the Dress/Day After session.  I always have a lot of fun when I’m shooting with you!

Erich Chen Photography. UCLA Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Los Angeles Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Creative Wedding Photographer. Modern Wedding Photographer. If you are interested in your own Trash the Dress Session please contact me through my website

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