November 23, 2009 Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

This shoot was in Oxnard. I stayed over at Todd’s to shoot him surfing in the morning, but that failed because I didn’t have a lens long enough and Todd and Josh were really far out. But afterward, I did a my SAF project on them, and shot in different places of his house including his half pipe. I also have to mention that Todd lives about a two minute walk away from the beach, on top of the fact that he has a half pipe in his backyard. His place is practically every skater/surfer’s dream house. ¬†It is also the ideal location for a photo shoot!

A little something about Todd. He used to be in a boy band very similar to the Backstreet Boys. I’ve seen his videos of his performances where hundreds/thousands of girls are screaming while he struts across the stage. That was over 15 years ago. Then,Todd and I had a really great conversation about life,¬†entrepreneurship, and the female species. Todd is a great man.

img 0638s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0646s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0668s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0698s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0736s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0749s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0775s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0804s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0833s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0848s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0851s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

img 0857s Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)

2 Responses to “Meet Todd and Josh (SAF)”

  1. Lynda Hartman says:

    Thanks for sharing your new photos. It looks like you all are having fun on the skate board ramp. (Helmets please) Oh Mom!!!
    I like seeing my grandchildren Woody and Hulu.
    Josh, you look great!!
    Todd, you look great too!!!
    Enjoy life.

    Lub, MOM

  2. matt says:

    WOW, Todd you are a sexy beast! Sometimes you make me wish i was a woman.

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