November 5, 2009 Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

This is a continuation of my shoot-a-friend-a-week project.

This is Steve Nguyen. I photographed him back in 2007 and both of us has come along way now. I have become a full-time photographer since then, and  he has grown an impressive full-on beard.. He’s also the manager of an electrical engineering company, the owner of his own internet media company called Stickblade Inc, and also one of the producers for a small movie production company based out of UCR called FPS productions.  I’d like to note that this small movie production has exceeded my, and I think I can safely say that of many other people’s expectations. In their ‘low budget’ films they have helicopters, police cars, assault rifles, swat teams, etc etc. Yeah it’s pretty legit. In case you haven’t figured out what type of movies they film, they film my favorite genre; action. Check them out. and

So I started shooting Steve, and he said I want something urban. “Oh…” I replied. I put my 85mm ‘pretty’ lens away, and replaced it with my 50mm. And this is what I came up with.

img 8816s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8819s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8833s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8846s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8914s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8953s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

img 8979s Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)

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6 Responses to “Meet Steve Nguyen (SAF)”

  1. Jen May says:

    loved why you switched the lens. :D good urban shots!

  2. connieMchung says:

    lol. ‘oh’. you crack me up. great job!

  3. Kaysha says:

    So nice to meet your last night at the SMUG meeting Erich! You’ve got some great work, keep it up! :)

  4. Denton says:

    Excellent work Erich! Looking good Steve! You both keep it up!

  5. Frank Jaeger says:


    That beard doesn’t look like the K-FED beard anymore. Now it is a Steve “Don’t Give a fuck what you think because I am too legit to quit” Nguyen.

    *thumbs up*

  6. Mike says:

    Great photos Erich, I really love the quality of work!

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