November 23, 2009 Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

This is Andre Clark, a good friend of mine from college and former past Resident Advisor at UC Riverside. Holla! Then he went on to USC to do many great things in the gaming department. And now he’s working at a game developing company and starting his own new gaming business called Peanut Gallery Games . Him and his friends just started the company, and I am very excited for him and excited about the future of his growing company.

So let me explain the photos I took of Andre.  He recently bought the very popular game Modern Warfare 2, and he told me he spent about another hefty bill to get the night vision goggles. And they’re pretty legit. I tried them on a couple of times and turned off the lights and it works!  So I wanted to do a conceptual type of shoot with him with his night vision googles and this what we came up with!

img 0631s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0653s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0677s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0708s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

img 0722s Meet Andre Clark (SAF)

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  1. rosalva says:

    Very cool!!! I love the one with the red light on it.

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