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Bulaclac is pronounced ‘boo-lock-lock’ in case you’re wondering. Denton is pronounced ‘den-ton.’ Yup.

So far, my ‘shoot a friend a week’ project is going smoothly. This Denton, one of my closest friends my second year of college.  We were both RA’s and our halls were right next to each other so needless to say we hung out a lot.  After that year unfortunately we parted ways, but I told him upon seeing him after all these years that I don’t remember why we didn’t keep in touch.  He admitted that he was a ‘mooch’, that kept freeloading homework and food off of me.  So what probably happened was I couldn’t stand it anymore, and just didn’t bother to keep in touch.  I also told him I can’t see myself getting annoyed if he’s getting homework for me, but the food, yeah the food might bother me a little bit. When I’m hungry, I become Gollum from Lord of the Rings and the food becomes ‘my precious’ ring. I can’t help it.

Are you interested in becoming part of my shoot a friend a week project?

img 8450s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

img 8559s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

img 8620s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

img 8630s Meet Denton Bulaclac (SAF)

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