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Hey, this is me. 

photos Today I woke up and I was cold, Fall is that you?

Yup it’s my headshot, my friend Kenny took it yesterday so that when we auditioned today we would look more prepared that we actually were.  Yeah that’s right, I auditioned for something.  In high school I was pretty active in the school’s drama department, and I’d have to say I wasn’t too shabby.  But that was many years ago, and just like anything everything takes practice otherwise one would get rusty.  I was really, really rusty.  I think I probably sucked.

But my suckiness wasn’t completely due to my lack of practice. My callback  time today was 12:30. So I get there on-time, early actually.  But you know what? I sat there for three and half hours before I got to audition. Man by that time I was over it.  Most people get really excited coming out of an audition because they did well.  I came out really excited just because I didn’t have to be there anymore. That’s all

Happy October everyone!