September 18, 2009 Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

She was 2 1/2 weeks old when I took her photos.

“Hi….I’m Nadia…”

“Psst…wanna know a secret?”

img 6635s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Clingin’ on to mama”

img 6744s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Hehe, I just pooped.”

img 6764s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Yup, that’s my brother…”

img 6794s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“And yup, thats my mama.”

img 6975s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“These are my little toes”

img 6985s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Hey whats up ya’ll?”

img 6987s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“This is what my drool looks like. ┬áIt’s nice and bubbly.”

img 6996s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)


img 6998s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“This is one of my mama’s favorite photos…”

img 7067s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“This photo shows my side wrinkles. They say it makes me look cute, but I don’t know…”

img 7080s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Do you think I look kind of Asian in this picture? My auntie thinks so.”

img 7099s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Yup…I’m all nice and cozy.”

img 7104s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

“Um…I don’t know why my dad’s holding my head and my mommy’s holding my arms.”

img 7117s Meet Nadia! (Portrait)

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  2. Georgia says:

    Aww I love these photos!! Too adorable!

  3. Tracy says:

    Omg Erich Chen! The one where she’s in the blanket all wrapped up is the most adorable thing I’ve seen in quite some time. Nice job!

    Tracy Phutikanit

  4. Rosalva says:

    Amazing photos! I love your captions =)

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