September 9, 2009 ISA 2009

img 6549s ISA 2009

Kina Grannis

img 6574s ISA 2009

David Choi, Kina Grannis

img 6739s ISA 2009

Quest Crew

img 6599s ISA 2009

Quest Crew

img 6647s ISA 2009


img 6693s ISA 2009


img 6700s ISA 2009

WongFu Productions

img 6766s ISA 2009

Hip hop artist Cassie!

img 6793s ISA 2009


img 6911s ISA 2009


img 6946s ISA 2009


img 7036s ISA 2009

If you look closely, there’s a “I heart FM” poster in the reflection in his sunglasses.

img 6964s ISA 2009

Apparently Quest Crew has a girl on their team? My verdict? Coool.

img 7137s ISA 2009

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4 Responses to “ISA 2009”

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  2. [...] Clara C Music. She was this year’s JCPenny Breakout performer, and has had appearances at ICA, Be the Difference, and other great shows. She recently told me that she has booked a showing at [...]

  3. crAziemutant says:

    Hey um…it’s ISA. Not ICA.

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