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I had a lot of ‘firsts’ in this engagement shoot.  It was my first engagement where it started out with some drinks at the bar.  Also my first engagement shoot with the girl ‘expecting’.  And lastly, my first time encounter with skid row when we drove through it. So this lovely couple was photographed at Union Station and LACMA (or as Erwin would say LAMCO) icon smile Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)  Erwin was actually really nervous before and during the beginning the shoot despite his denying it, which is also the reason why we were at the bar first.  But, I really don’t think he looked awkward or nervous in any of his photos.  And I actually don’t know why he was conscious about his smile, as I told him ‘you smile just fine.” He looked perfectly fine in all his photos, as you can see.

My favorite photo out of all the ones we took is the second to last one, where Betzy is kissing Erwin in a vintage Porsche, because it has that really really cool 1960′s look to it.  As we were shooting at the LACMA there were a bunch of people there that seemed like they were a wedding party, due to the fact that there was a woman in a wedding dress and everyone else is in suits and dresses.  But apparently they said they were just a bunch of friends just hanging out, and one of the gentlemen allowed us to use their Porsche he said “you can do anything you want with it.” As a result, Erwin wanted to drive off in it.

The long engagement session ended with an mouth-watering dinner at Blue Dahlia’s which made my day. They make BOMB burgers. Thank you Elaine. I’m still thinking about those succulent and enormous patties as I write about this.
img 6014s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6027s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

So let me explain the shot below.  Erwin works at the OC Register, and I thought it would be kinda interesting to have them read one, and it worked well because it was at Union Station.

img 6082s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6100s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6183s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6215s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6262s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6302s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6312s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6365s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6377s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6426s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6486s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6510s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

img 6517s Meet Erwin and Betzy (Engagement)

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