I don’t normally shoot fraternity or sorority events mostly because everyone’s drunk except for me. That mean’s everyone’s having fun except for me. Plus, I was never in a fraternity or sorority so I don’t know the greek alphabet (alpha, beta, omega etc. ) therefore I easily offend those who are because I butcher their greek alphabet (not on purpose of course.)

For those reasons I was a little reluctant to shoot this event, but my good friends Tiffany and Carol were there as well and I heard it was at a mansion icon smile Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet And it turned out to be a very worthwhile event.  The mansion was aammaazziingg (amazing with two of each letter.) Beautiful. Gorgeous. Enormous.  And every time I see a house like this I always tell myself “One day, one day.”  As in one day I’ll have a house like this.

Here it is. This beautiful residence has a swimming pool (that changes colors at night), a spa next to a bar, outdoor upstairs patio, a balcony, a view of Newport Beach, a putting green, spiral staircase, bushes cut into the shape of dolphins, a semi-waterfall and a lot more.
mg 6771s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

mg 6789s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

mg 6801s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

These are snippets from the very long night.

Signing a thank you.

mg 6944s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

She was picking up salad that fell on the staircase.

mg 6993s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

Gift exchange: They gave each other different team gear. Lakers vs Magic

mg 7121s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

This is what $1600 worth of alcohol looks like.  I heard the receipt for this looked like Santa’s check list.

mg 7319s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

They made a cake in the shape of a Bugatti Veyron, and it was pretty well made.

mg 7381s Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet

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2 Responses to “Phi Delta Epsilon Spring Banquet”

  1. Joanna says:

    Such a ballin’ banquet!

  2. SyHui says:

    Hey Erich,

    Just wanted to thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to take all these fantastic photos for our banquet! Your work is amazing, and you really capture precious moments that we all would want to remember years from now. Viewing these photos makes me feel like I’m reliving that fun-filled day again. :) Once again, PhiDE appreciates what you and the other photographers did for us. Keep up the great work, and I wish you the best in your career, which I’m sure will go far! :D

    Best Regards,

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