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Last night I had a dream that I kicked ass in a triathlon. I was fifth in swimming through the art of breaststroke and backstroke.  The run was only like a mile or something and I did well in that.  The biking part however, was where I truly unleashed my badass-ness I rode 8 miles in a minute. But I digress, and I apologize. I am in the process of training for my next triathlon.

Anyway, meet the strawberry-lemonade loving couple Kim and Albino who are getting married in about a month.  I promise I’d go through and edit their photos today because their wedding is coming up and they need it as soon as possible.  So Kim is a wonderful young lady and a recent graduate of Biola (right?) and Albino is my funny and handsome friend that I’ve known since high school. Yay!

img 2252s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

This is the coffeehouse where they had their first date.

img 1893s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

This is also where Albino proposed.

img 1911s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2125s1 Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2150s1 Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2153s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2171s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2174s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2198s1 Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2230s1 Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

img 2244s Meet Kim and Albino (Engagement)

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June 16, 2009 My first triathlon

Before I begin I would like to note the following.

I have never ran 2 miles in my life.
I have never swam half a mile in my life.
I have never swam in the ocean before.
I have never swam in a wet suit before.
I have never done any of the above the day after shooting a full day wedding.
Oh, and I can’t swim freestyle.

Now I would like to list the legs of the sprint triathlon in the order that they happen:
1/2 mile swim
6 mile bike
2 mile run.

Now I shall begin.
Saturday, full day wedding. Saturday night, drove to Redondo Beach. Sunday morning woke up at 5am to bike to triathlon area.

I get to the location and try to check in and they don’t have my packet at the check-in booth.  This was the first sign of a what turned out to be a dreadful morning. But after all the prep work, getting settled, and breakfasting my friends Eric, Michael, Stephen, and my girlfriend Rosalva scurry to the beach to warm up.  Soon after a proud 13 year old trumpeted the National Anthem in front of the crowds of hundreds the buzzer rang and all the white caps (male ages 14-35) ran into the water like it was a Black Friday.  I was doing pretty well at this point, but by the time I got to the first buoy (there were three) I was already showing signs of exhaustion.  Since I only know how to do breast stroke I kept swiping at some dudes butt, and kicking some guy behind me in the head. Thankfully, there are lifeguards who sit on top of surfboard to watch out for people who might need help (people like me,) and after a while I basically swam from lifeguard to lifeguard to clutch on to their board for dear life. My breast stroke allows me to bob my head up and down through the water so I can see who’s around me. I’m a white cap, so initially I’d bob and I’d see lots of white caps. White cap, white cap, then nothing. Red cap, red cap, the nothing (red caps are the next wave.) So at that point I started to realize I didn’t train enough.

The last lifeguard I clutched on to was really nice and offered to swim next to me if I needed help, so I was accepted her help and continued to swim for about another minute and then gave up again.  I told her I was done with the swimming (this was past the second buoy) but I wanted to finish the other two legs.

If that’s not bad enough, here’s where it gets worse. I get on to her surfboard and this poor lifeguard girl is paddling for the both of us. I was just slumped over on her surfboard and looked something like this without the smile.
cream day spa relaxation My first triathlon

So I’m just laying there while she’s working hard and paddling and eventually she gets tired too so she signals for a tagteam to another female lifeguard.  I make the transfer except this new lifeguard didn’t have a surfboard I could lay on, just a floaty thing so I had to swim again.  Since I didn’t swim all that far I wasn’t very far from the throngs of people still waiting at the starting line who I’m sure saw me come up on shore half way.  At that moment I gave “walk of shame” a whole new meaning. I also experienced extreme lightheadedness, and I remember thinking to myself “if there was anytime in my life that I was going to pass out it would be now.”

After swimming comes the biking leg, and that’s where I planned to dominate.  That thought was squashed when I saw old people, little girls and little boys pass me.  I couldn’t catch up to anybody. I tried drafting, nope.  I even tried to follow behind attractive woman, nope. Nothing worked.  Then I finally completed the loop only to find out I had to do another loop, but I could’ve just cheated and went ahead into the transition space. That would’ve been uber disgraceful, I couldn’t do it. But I did think about it.

Finally, the running part came.  By the way I experienced cramps in every leg of the race in different parts of my legs. This is the part where I felt like the fat kid in middle school who gets lapped by everybody. I wasn’t even running it was more like a jog, and I would stop when I got cramps. Near the very end it got so bad that this old lady came up to me and volunteered to walk with me who wasn’t even part of the race.  I was so close to the end but I couldn’t move because my body was freaking out.  I stopped momentarily and immediately after the second to last sensor which was about 50 yards away from the finish line.  Someone form the crowd yelled to me “That’s not the finish man!” but I couldn’t do anything because the leg cramps were so severe.  Eventually I mustered the strength to start walking, 40 yards, 30 yards, 20 yards then suddenly my girlfriend who looks like she’s having a great day passes me and manages to blurt out “hey” and smile before she ran to the finish leaving me in her dust.   At ten yards I managed to skip-limp which is something invented at that moment during the final home stretch.  I always imagined going past a finish saturated with glory and pride, but it felt more painful and shameful than anything. But I did it icon smile My first triathlon

That is the pathetic story of my first triathlon. I give you permission to laugh at me. Here are some photos.
4651 620592360834 6301909 35327001 6495413 n My first triathlon

4902 620423469294 6304410 35317840 7024639 n My first triathlon

4902 620423489254 6304410 35317844 7446701 n My first triathlon

4902 620423519194 6304410 35317849 3594148 n My first triathlonn6300255 35326523 2718234 My first triathlon

n6300255 35326526 3625689 My first triathlon

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After another long  grueling but wonderful year of teaching another memorable yearbook is created and many of my kids are  moving on to high school.  So I went to their graduation all geared up looking like my usual self with paparazzi-esque lenses and cameras.  But I forgot the one of the most important necessities; a compact flash card.  Despite it’s small and ‘compact’ size it can render my entire arsenal of equipment useless if I don’t have one, which was exactly the case.  So I took out the only thing I had and the only camera I rarely use but it was better than nothing; the life-saving Blackberry.

I’m very thankful to have a group of such talented, motivated, and wonderful kids to have in my yearbook class.  I hope the ones that are graduating this year will use their artistic talents and the skills that I taught them in high school and in their future

I will post up photos of the 2009 Temple yearbook later, but for now here are some blackberry photos of some of my kids graduation.

img00041edited My Kids' Middle School Graduation (promotion)

img00045 My Kids' Middle School Graduation (promotion)

img00047 My Kids' Middle School Graduation (promotion)

The answer is wedding photography.

Whenever I go to the gym I see muscle diagrams on the machines indicating which muscles are being exercised.  I always thought that those were really fun to look at so I wanted to create one, one for wedding photography.  Because during the entire course of a wedding I use a variety of muscles and I use them extensively.  Despite what many people may think wedding photography is very physically demanding.

*red color indicates muscles being exercised while shooting a wedding.

muscles1 What I do for muscle and strength training. 

So I’ll start by explaining from the top. My brain is always in use, because being creative requires brain activity.  People don’t put creativity in a box and then give it to you, I have to think. That’s why the brain is highlighted. Next down are the biceps and wrists on the right arm. A digital slr + battery grip + flash + L lens =  about a 1000 pounds (at least it feels about that heavy at the end of the day.) Let’s not forget about that right index finger, which is probably one of the most important and exercised finger.  It averages about 2000 pushes per wedding. Therefore it is probably freakishly stronger than any of my other fingers. Next up are the thighs, they help me get into all sorts of weird and low positions for ‘artsy’ shots. Finally, the feet that are supporting my weight for about 10 hours per wedding get worked very well.

*red color indicates muscles being exercised while shooting a wedding.

muscles2 What I do for muscle and strength training.

The neck and shoulders are being exercised when camera straps are placed either around the neck or shoulders.  These muscles have to sustain the weight of my gear for hours on end. The lower back is worked out in a way that I’m not too certain, but since it hurts at the end of the day I am assuming that it too is responsible in my muscular activity. The calves have to sustain frequent contracting because I’m not that tall so I constantly have to stand on my toes to look over people to get a shot.  Well that’s it.

As a side note, I can track how many people are reading my blog, and there are quite a number of you.  Please leave me a comment because if you don’t that’s the equivalent of tailgating a car in front of you just to see what they’re watching on their backseat monitor. Essentially it’s being entertained for free without giving anything back. Reaping all the benefits without  any of the work Just kidding. But please leave me comment, let me know what you like/dislike/agree with/disagree with/can relate to/cannot relate to, because I want to know what you have to say also! icon smile What I do for muscle and strength training.


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