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The answer is wedding photography.

Whenever I go to the gym I see muscle diagrams on the machines indicating which muscles are being exercised.  I always thought that those were really fun to look at so I wanted to create one, one for wedding photography.  Because during the entire course of a wedding I use a variety of muscles and I use them extensively.  Despite what many people may think wedding photography is very physically demanding.

*red color indicates muscles being exercised while shooting a wedding.

muscles1 What I do for muscle and strength training. 

So I’ll start by explaining from the top. My brain is always in use, because being creative requires brain activity.  People don’t put creativity in a box and then give it to you, I have to think. That’s why the brain is highlighted. Next down are the biceps and wrists on the right arm. A digital slr + battery grip + flash + L lens =  about a 1000 pounds (at least it feels about that heavy at the end of the day.) Let’s not forget about that right index finger, which is probably one of the most important and exercised finger.  It averages about 2000 pushes per wedding. Therefore it is probably freakishly stronger than any of my other fingers. Next up are the thighs, they help me get into all sorts of weird and low positions for ‘artsy’ shots. Finally, the feet that are supporting my weight for about 10 hours per wedding get worked very well.

*red color indicates muscles being exercised while shooting a wedding.

muscles2 What I do for muscle and strength training.

The neck and shoulders are being exercised when camera straps are placed either around the neck or shoulders.  These muscles have to sustain the weight of my gear for hours on end. The lower back is worked out in a way that I’m not too certain, but since it hurts at the end of the day I am assuming that it too is responsible in my muscular activity. The calves have to sustain frequent contracting because I’m not that tall so I constantly have to stand on my toes to look over people to get a shot.  Well that’s it.

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