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If you were at the Aveda events email me for the links for the rest of the images. 

img 1836s Aveda Portraits II

img 1866s Aveda Portraits II

img 1934s Aveda Portraits II

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I had an unexpected comment on the Common concert from none other than the ‘probable stripper,’ and as a result she’s a student at UCR and I wanted to shoot with her.  So I asked to meet with her  at an art show that I had some work in called “Infesting the Mind” run by Lien.  The art show was interesting, but what I thought was more interesting were the shots below (that I took there.)

 meet torrie clontz

img 2714s meet torrie clontz

img 2722s meet torrie clontz

img 2732s meet torrie clontz

img 2764s meet torrie clontz

img 2769s meet torrie clontz

img 2778s meet torrie clontz

img 2806s meet torrie clontz

img 2856s meet torrie clontz

img 2864s meet torrie clontz

img 2887s1 meet torrie clontz

Oh also she’s not a stripper, she’s an acrobat.  Isn’t that super cool? I booked two shoots with her for the near future, so you can expect to see more of her soon.

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Some of you may know him as Wilson High School Alum Class of 03. Some of you may know him as UCI Alum Class of 07 ( I think .) Some of you may know him from America’s Best Dance Crew Season 1 (Kaba Modern.)  But I simply know him as Lawrence Kao, the crazy guy that was my best friend in high school.

These are some photos that I took of him yesterday.

img 2474s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2513s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2523s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2558s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2560s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2563s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2583s Meet Lawrence Kao

img 2593s Meet Lawrence Kao

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With help from the talented Aveda hair stylists/make up artists.

Got film?
img 2022s My new favorite portraits. 
 I used to have hair like this.

img 1943s1 My new favorite portraits.

Hair that goes sideways.

img 1973s My new favorite portraits.


Today marks the 5th day I’ve been shooting in a row all day everyday.  I am very very tired. No, I am exhausted, spent, done, drained, pooped.  Recently I have spent more time with my camera than anything or anyone else.  So much as to my right wrist is getting sore, and my calves are hurting. Like whoa.

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