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I apologize to everyone for not updating my blog as frequently as I used to. I went from updating everyday to about once  a week.  Part of the reason is because I’ve been shooting a lot, and as a result I’ve been drained from it.  I have a lot of work that I still have to put up, and I’ll try my best to put it all up.

Now that I got that out of the way meet the lovely and recently engaged Eileen and Richard. Before we shot had an scrumptious lunch at the wedding venue that they just booked right before I got there.  Eileen and I had this nice delicious Shrimp and Mango salad ( I try not to each a lot before shooting) and I don’t know what Richard had because he cleaned his plate before I arrived. He was really hungry. Haha.  So I am excited to shoot their wedding because Richard is incredibly similar to Tucker Max ( and if you’ve read his book or his blog, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.  And I absolutely love Tucker Max, I am a huge fan of his.  Listening to Richard stories was like reading right out of his book. And in the words of Tucker Max “hilarity will ensue [at their wedding.]” Can’t wait.

mg 6741s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6414s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6425s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6453s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6476s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6544s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6711s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6727s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6738s Meet Eileen and Richard

mg 6749s Meet Eileen and Richard

Right now she’s my favorite model. She’s beautiful. She has also has an awesome and ecletic taste in music.

Red hair. Blue Eyes. Polaroid’s. 

And there shall be more. 

img 5064 pola More of Torrie Clontz

img 5144 pola More of Torrie Clontz

img 5226 pola More of Torrie Clontz

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It took a couple weeks to get my images back because I had to send these in.  But here are a few more of my favorite images from the very teen-filled Wango Tango.

Crazy little teenagers going crazy over a few dollars.  I admit though if I wasn’t working I would’ve swiped a few of those dollars.
img 2957s Wango Tango Part 3

Ribbon twirler on stilts at entrance

img 3031s Wango Tango Part 3

Quest Crew (America’s Best Dance Crew 3 winners) after their performance.

img 3135s Wango Tango Part 3 

The lovely Beach Girls 5

img 3404s Wango Tango Part 3

This is how excited people get over the possibility of getting some t-shirts.

img 3829s Wango Tango Part 3

They’ called Frequency 5. I think it’s because there’s five of them.

img 3925s Wango Tango Part 3

I wonder what kind of conditioner this guy uses because his hair looks amazing.

img 3942s Wango Tango Part 3

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I found this on another blog today. It made me smile.  Hopefully it will for you too.

e546b0eaab505202fa333b267e068a73d3790d1d m My inspiration for today.


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