Most of my close friends know that I teach photography and year book at a middle school during the week. Most of my friends (I hope ) also know that my birthday is on April 1st which just passed  a couple of weeks ago.  They made me a birthday card that I am very proud to show off.  This card reminds me of when birthdays were truly fun (and alcohol-free) and I feel very blessed to have received not just one, but two hand made birthday cards!  I know student’s do not make birthday cards to teachers that they don’t like, so receiving one  makes me very very happy. icon smile My belated birthday card

Many of my students are very talented in photography and yearbook layout design.  So good in fact that I am oftentimes amazed  with what they come up with, and (Shhh don’t tell anyone) I actually think they’re work is better than mine (sometimes)!  When I look at their photographs I think they are amazing because kids at their age see the world so much more differently than say someone my age or older.  And that’s why I think it’s so amazing, in many ways they inspire me.

bdaycardcover My belated birthday card

 My belated birthday card 
 My belated birthday card

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