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April 30, 2009 NOVO fashion show

This past Saturday was interesting, it was the day of the NOVO fashion show.  Quite frankly, I don’t know what NOVO stands for but it was a charity fashion show hosted and run by the local church community.  People donate their clothes, and then designers create clothing lines using the donated clothes.  Pretty cool concept, but I think since it was run by church my expectations weren’t high.

But I was actually very impressed, the turnout was amazing. It was a Fire Marshall’s nightmare, many people didn’t have seats to sit in.  Needless to say there were a plethora of photographers there too.   That’s what I hate about shooting fashion shows, there’s always a bunch of photographers (or people who think they’re photographers) all bunched up in the front.  In a case such as that, the taller photographers always have the upper-hand, and height isn’t something I excel in.  That’s why my photos are all to the side, I stood on a chair and tried my best to get some decent photos.  The fashion show started out with a speaker who was a movie-producer-turned-bum-turned-Christian? Don’t quote me on that, but he was there to share his experiences and stories about homelessness. I thought that was a nice touch. Oh, and it was a pleasant surprise to see a few of my friends (Slingluff, Michelle, and Eve) in it, that was unexpected but very amusing!

Just like anything though, there are the little things that I think could be better.  Since I watch America’s next top model, that makes me an expert on runway walking icon smile NOVO fashion show So many of the models don’t know how to walk properly.  A runway model should never have their hands on their waists until the very end! What a ‘noob’ mistake. I wanted to yell out “You’re doing it all wrong!”  

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