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April 28, 2009 meet 2 year old jade

This is a notice to all two year old boys in the future: Jade is going to be the hardest girl you’re ever going to woo.

It took me all day for her just to warm up to me.  I tried to using chips, a stick of chapstick, and flowers, just to try to make this girl like me.  As a result, she backhanded the chip, threw down the flower, and broke the chapstick.  Talk about major rejection right? I would periodically ask “Jade do you like me yet?” and “Are we friends yet?”  And I would always receive “No,” and she would say it in the most cutest voice ever, so the rejections were not that heart-wrenching. I don’t know if I’ve ever tried so hard to make a girl like me, and it wasn’t until the very very very end that she warmed up to me a little bit (and I mean a little bit.) But by that time I wasn’t shooting anymore. icon sad meet 2 year old jade

Despite the obstacles, I still had some amazing shots that I truly , truly love.  What I love about baby photography is there are no two shots that are the same.  Adults will sometimes stare at you until you direct them for another shot, but babies/toddlers they’ll do anything and everything at their own whim, and that is the beauty of baby photography. So I hope you enjoy these photos.

There’s no wrong way to wear sunglasses.
img 7578s meet 2 year old jadeI

I call this one “No, it’s mine.”


img 7658s meet 2 year old jade
img 7725s meet 2 year old jade 

img 7753s meet 2 year old jade

img 7758s meet 2 year old jade

Even Jade needs a rest once in a while 

img 7770s meet 2 year old jade

Nothing beat’s a good ol’ yawn.

img 7849s meet 2 year old jade

Pleasant surprise.

img 7857s meet 2 year old jade

Peek-a-boo aftermath

img 7886s meet 2 year old jade

After she fell (running away from me.)  :(

img 7928s meet 2 year old jade

This is how she reacted when she saw a Nikon user. I’m just kidding. This is my last favorite photo of her not wanting to walk.

img 7949s meet 2 year old jade

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It is here.  These are the silly photos, from their engagement, some of them are by far the most ridiculous (in a good way) engagement photos I’ve ever taken in my life.

Jamie and Rich Engagement from Erich Chen on Vimeo.

I’m sorry, the embedding of the video isn’t working, please click on the link.