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April 24, 2009 Workshop Aftermath

So this post has been one that I’ve been trying to get out as early as last week but I was waiting on photos from my friend who I will not mention his name (Michael Tang.) He took some photos at my workshop but has not given me all the images from them, so to post a blog about a workshop without photos would’ve been difficult.  I still don’t have enough photos, but these will do!  So here’s a collection of random photos from the second workshop.

Thank you everyone who came out to our workshops, and super special thanks to Tikko for providing the space and running the workshop with me! Also thanks to Jeramee and Rob the wonderful models, and last but not least thanks to my friend Jen who came out to do make up on the models.

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wrkshp5 Workshop Aftermath
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53499 t686671 Workshop Aftermath

wrkshp2 Workshop Aftermath

wrkshp4 Workshop Aftermath

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